Small Water Service (2 Inches and Smaller)

To apply for a new 2-inch or less water service or change an existing water service, follow these steps:

  • Apply for a water availability certificate (WAC).
  • Submit a water service application and agreement (pdf) with a utility site plan as defined in CAM 1202.
  • For additional water services (such as a short plat or unit lot subdivision), complete a Request for Additional Water Services Addendum (pdf) for each of the assigned addresses. A separate application is not required for each address.
  • After you complete the steps above, a Project Coordinator will review your application.
  • You will receive an invoice via email when the water service application, utility site plan, and assigned legal addresses have been reviewed and any required corrections have been resolved.
  • Pay your invoice (see payment instructions on the second page of your invoice).
  • To confirm compliance with Washington State Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention and Uniform Plumbing Code (pdf) requirements, you will need to:
    • Call (206) 684-3536 with questions related to backflow protection before installation or to schedule a backflow inspection after installation.
    • Call (206) 684-5800 to request an inspection of the underground water service lines on property after installation, but prior to covering.

Contact the SPU Development Services Office at or (206) 684-3333 for assistance or to talk to your assigned Project Coordinator.


Other water service questions

How long will it take to get a water service?

SPU encourages you to apply and pay for water services early. It can take approximately 3 months for non-arterial streets and 4 months for arterial streets for water service installation from payment confirmation.

Please contact your Seattle Public Utilities Project Coordinator for more specifics on your tap timelines.

What size water pipe do I need?

Water service is based on the diameter of your water pipe, which is regulated by the Seattle Plumbing Code.

  • Most single-family residences require a 3/4-inch diameter water pipe with a 5/8-inch water meter.
  • If a fire suppression system is required, the minimum size is a 2-inch diameter water pipe with a 2-inch meter.
  • For larger projects, including commercial buildings, the water service must be designed by a licensed mechanical engineer.

Water service installation fees

Note: Total prices for services in the City of Burien will be higher to cover local utility taxes levied by the City of Burien (Burien Municipal Code 3.12.040).

Domestic services:
Meter size Connection charge Installation fee, Non-Arterial Street Installation fee, Arterial Street Installation and connection total, Non-Arterial Street Installation and connection total, Arterial Street
3/4 x 5x8 inch $2,400 + $4,800 $6,175 = $7,200 $8,575
1 inch $4,080 + $4,975 $6,350 = $9,055 $10,430
1 ½ inch $7,920 + $8,050 $9,150 = $15,970 $17,070
2 inches $12,720 + $8,975 $10,050 = $21,695 $22,770
2 inch High Flow $19,920 + $9,425 $10,525 = $29,345 $30,445
  • Street restoration is an extra fee.
  • Fees are higher for installations on arterials to account for the higher costs associated with these jobs.
  • Multiple ¾-inch and 1-inch services installed with a manifold will receive a reduction for each additional service.

Contact the SPU Development Services Office at or (206) 684-3333 for assistance or to talk to your assigned Project Coordinator.


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