Water Use and the Environment

Learn how water use is connected to environmental health. Explore ways to save water and money.

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Using Water Wisely

  Saving Water Partnership

Website | 10+ minutes

The Saving Water Partnership serves the Seattle region with water conservation tips, tools, education, and rebate resources to help save water and money.

URL: https://www.savingwater.org/students-teachers/education-resources-and-activities/

Screenshot of the Saving Water website

  Calculate How Much Water You Use Every Day!

Website | 10+ minutes

Take the challenge: calculate your water footprint and find ways to use less and save water every day.

URL: https://www.home-water-works.org/calculator

Screenshot of the water calculator website


Tap Water Versus Bottled Water

  Why is Tap Water Better Than Bottled Water?

Website | 5 minutes

Tap water is not only safe, but it’s often better than bottled water. Learn about the problems with bottled water and how to check the quality of your tap water.

URL: https://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/about/live-healthy/tap-water-vs-bottled-water

Photo of a water glass and bottle

  The Story of Bottled Water

Video | 8 minutes

Why do Americans love buying bottled water? Is it better, safer, or cheaper than tap water? How much waste is created from making bottled water? Find answers to these questions and much more in this engaging animated video.

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se12y9hSOM0


Climate Change

  What is Climate Change?

Website | 15+ minutes

A comprehensive look at climate change, including articles, games, activities, and diagrams.

URL: https://climatekids.nasa.gov/climate-change-meaning/

Screenshot of Climate Kids website

  What are Greenhouse Gases?

Website | 10 minutes

Find out about the good, bad, and the ugly of greenhouse gases.

URL: https://climatekids.nasa.gov/greenhouse-cards/

Graphic of Climate Kids cartoon characters

  Four Ways Climate Change Affects Our Water

Video | 2 minutes

Learn how climate change impacts drinking water all over the world, and what we can do to help.

URL: https://weather.com/science/environment/video/4-ways-climate-change-impacts-our-water

Screenshot of Weather Channel video


Public Utilities

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