Prevent Graffiti

Removing graffiti promptly is the best way to prevent it from occurring again. Conduct weekly inspections to help prevent graffiti on your property and in your community.

The vandals' objective is to have others see their "tag" name. Vandals are drawn to walls that are not cleaned immediately because it means their "tag" will be up longer and seen by more people.

Make your property hard to vandalize

  • Create a barrier using vegetation or a fence to ward off potential graffiti vandals.
  • Use materials and surfaces that make graffiti vandalism difficult: apply a clear coat finish to protect painted and unpainted surfaces and use protective film coverings on windows.
  • Move dumpsters to the ends of the alleys to reduce graffiti. Call dumpster companies and ask them to keep graffiti off dumpsters. (Their phone number is usually on the dumpster.)
  • Keep your property well-lit and install flashing motion-sensor lighting.
  • Install surveillance cameras to monitor activity on your property.
  • Call the Seattle Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit at (206) 684-7555 for a free assessment of how to prevent graffiti on your property.
  • Join efforts with your local business or neighborhood group. Call (206) 233-7086 to have City Graffiti Prevention staff talk to your business or community group about graffiti and how to prevent it. Please give two weeks' notice.


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