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Try Natural Yard Care!

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Children playing in a sustainable landscape.

You can reduce waste, conserve water, save time and money, and protect our environment and your family’s health – all while growing a beautiful yard. Learn the basics in the Natural Yard Care guide (PDF), or in Spanish El Cuidado Natural del Jardín (PDF). Then follow these links to learn more about the 5 Steps to Natural Yard Care:

  1. Build Healthy Soil with Compost and Mulch - Learn how to make and use compost and mulch, fix soil problems, and fertilize responsibly.
  2. Choose the Right Plants for Your Site - Find plants that match the conditions in your yard. Learn how to plant and care for them.
  3. Practice Smart Watering - Learn how to water for healthier plants, how to use soaker hoses, drip and automatic irrigation systems efficiently, and get rebates for irrigation system upgrades.
  4. Use Natural Pest, Weed and Disease Control Methods - Learn how to identify and control pests and weeds without chemicals.
  5. Practice Natural Lawn Care - Learn how to grow a healthy lawn with less water, chemicals, and work!

Other yard care topics

Food Gardening - Learn about growing food year ‘round in our Northwest climate: soil, seeds, planting, harvesting, and community gardening resources.

Choosing a Nursery or Landscaper - Ask these questions to find a skilled professional.

Rain Water Harvesting - Learn how to reduce runoff with RainWise tips, how to harvest and use rainwater in your yard, and how to protect our creeks and lakes in all your yard activities.

Rebates & Tips for Irrigation Systems - Water conservation for homeowners and businesses.

Tree Planting and Care - Trees for Seattle helps you choose, plant, and maintain trees. See video Planting a Tree or in Spanish Cómo plantar un árbol.

For Landscape Professionals - Design, maintenance, irrigation, Integrated Pest Management solutions and more for property managers, landscape designers, installers, and maintenance professionals.

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