Stop Junk Mail

mail filling up a mailbox

Is junk mail filling up your mailbox?

Opt out today with these services

Sales Flyers/Coupons: Opt out online from Valpak blue envelope coupons and Save (Retail Me Not/Red Plum) flyers. Use the exact address shown on the mail you receive. 

Credit Card and Insurance Offers: Consumer credit reporting companies-Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion - sell your information to credit card and insurance companies. Remove your name from their lists using their free opt-out service, They are required by law to honor opt-out requests.

Mass Marketing Lists: Sign up with DMAchoice to remove your name from the marketing lists of 3,600 companies and organizations, which send out 80% of marketing mail in the U.S. DMA requires their members to honor opt-out requests. Opt out of more marketing lists through the National Do Not Mail List.

Catalogues and Other Junk Mail: Sign up with CatalogChoice to stop catalogues and junk mail you no longer want. It's a free service that works with over 8,000 companies to encourage them to voluntarily honor opt-out requests. If a company is not part of an opt-out service, contact them directly to be removed from their mailing lists.

Opting out will not stop all junk mail. You may still receive mail from local businesses, politicians, companies you do business with, and charities you donate to.

Avoid getting on lists

  • Tell companies you do business with to remove your name from the lists they rent, sell, or trade to other companies.
  • Tell charities not to share your contact information with other organizations.
  • Avoid giving out your contact information for surveys, contests, raffles, and product registration and warranty cards. This information is often sold for mailing lists.

Why stop junk mail?

View the Product Stewardship Institute’s web page on stopping unwanted junk mail to learn about the social, environmental, and economic problems associated with junk mail.

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