Sewer Rates

Wastewater, also known as sewage, is any liquid or solid material that goes down the drain or toilet. If you are a single family residential customer, your sewer bills are based on actual water usage during the winter period (November through April). The sewer bills of non-residential and multifamily residential customers are based on actual water usage at all times of the year.

Current Sewer Rates:

Residential & Commercial 2023 2024
Typical Monthly Residential Bill $75.81 $78.69
Rate per CCF (100 cubic feet) $17.63 $18.30
  • 1 CCF equals 748 gallons.
  • The typical single family residential customer generates 4.3 CCF of wastewater per month.
  • Most residential customers are billed every two months.
  • There is a one CCF minimum charge per premise per month.
  • Summer (May - October) residential sewer bills are based on the average consumption during the winter (November - April). If there is zero consumption for one of the bill periods, last year's sewer max will be used.  If there is no account history, 4.3 CCF Monthly Bills and 8.6 CCF Bimonthly Bills will be used.
  • Sewer Standard, Connection and Administrative Charges (PDF).

Eligible low-income customers can receive a 50% credit on their bill. For more information, please see Utility Discount Program.


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