Metering (Water Meters)

SPU’s Water Meters

Water meters accurately measure all water flow - including leaky faucets and toilets. Seattle Public Utilities’ (SPU) water meters have a silver serrated dial that spins proportionally to the water flow on your property. All water meters are calibrated and certified in accordance with industry standards to ensure accuracy.

Water meters are typically located:

  • in iron boxes sunk in the ground;
  • in the parking strip or sidewalk in front of or at the side of your house;
  • or they are covered by a 1x2 ft. metal plate that says CWM (City Water Meter). 

If you cannot locate your water meter please call (206) 684-5800.

Water meters for SPU measure in cubic feet (CF).

Note: 1 CF = 7.48 gallons of water. 1 CCF = Centum Cubic Feet = 100 x 1 CF = 748 Gallons of water.

Things to consider about your water meter:

  • Look out for leaks - Leaks are a common cause of higher-than-expected water bills. Your water meter may be your most useful tool in identifying water leaks on your property.
  • Applying for a smaller service - Water usage at a property can vary over the years due to changes in the number of people in your home or in the type of business. Also, you may conserve more water as you make changes in home and business water usage patterns.
  • Keep your water meter accessible - Our staff reads your meter every month or every two months. Please keep your meter accessible so our staff can quickly read your meter and accurately bill you for water use.
  • Reading your water meter - You may want to read your water meter for a couple of reasons. First, you may be interested in how much water you are using on a daily basis. Second, you may want to check for leaks. If you turn off all the water in your house, and the meter is still turning, you may have a leak.
  • How to shut off water - Customers should generally shut off their water with their home valves. If your home does not have a water shut-off valve, we highly recommend that you contact a plumber to install one. There are a couple of situations in which you still may need to shut off water at the meter.

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